Empirical Research in Economics

KEGarant předmětu: prof. Ing. Lukáš Čechura, Ph.D.

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Typ předmětu:
Zařazení do semestru: 7.
Hodin přednášek/semestr: 28
Hodin cvičení/semestr: 14
Zkouška: ústní
Předpoklady: Micro- and Macroekonomics
Popis, cíl a formy výuky: The course is organised through lectures and calculation practicals with economic interpretation of results. In order to pass the course it is essential to participate actively at practicals, submit course project, and be successful at examination based on defending of a course project. During the lectures, the main problems are explained and during the exercises, outlined principles and methods are verified and studied in depth by solving specific problems determined for each of practicals. During second half of semester students work on their course projects which will be evaluated by practicals teacher. This assessment is involevd into a final grade when passing examination realized by defending of course project. The course aims to give students knowledge of research methods which are in countries with developed market mechanism a non-substitutable tool of quantitative analysis of national economy development, its industries and enterprises for determination of an optimal strategy of development of enterprises, agrifood sector and economy as a whole. Teaching forms are based on lectures and seminars, an use of computer technology is supposed. After passing of the course examination students`s ability to analyze different databases and information resources for making correct conclusions will be enhanced.

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