Agricultural Economics

KEGarant předmětu: Ing. Jiří Mach, Ph.D.

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Zařazení do semestru: 6.
Hodin přednášek/semestr: 28
Hodin cvičení/semestr: 14
Zkouška: písemná a ústní
Popis, cíl a formy výuky:The course emphasizes both individual and collaborative learning through the use of individual and group work, and seeks to stimulate each student’s understanding of the entire economic system for agricultural and food products from consumption back to production and agricultural inputs. The students will have got the opportunity to understand in detail the EU and Czech agri-food system - its participants, characteristics, functions, interdependencies, and major marketing trends. They also would understand of the role of trade policy in agriculture and the effects of various trade policies, issues and agreements on domestic and international competition and prices, consumption, production and trade of key commodities.

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