Fundamentals of Psychology

KPsGarant předmětu: PhDr. Hana Chýlová, Ph.D.

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Zařazení do semestru: 6.
Hodin přednášek/semestr: 28
Hodin cvičení/semestr: 14
Zkouška: písemná a ústní
Popis, cíl a formy výuky:The course provides students with the knowledge of basic psychological terms, laws and theories, with the focus mainly on cognitive and social psychology, communication, motivation and personality. Students practise their knowledge in seminars, where the skills for their future social roles and positions are developed through active social learning methods. Psychology, as a basic subject, is a prerequisite for the study of other specialised subject such as, for example, management marketing and commerce. It helps to understand factors influencing personality development in society, contributes to self-knowledge and broadens education in humanities.

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