EU Intergration

KEGarant předmětu: Ing. Irena Benešová, Ph.D.

Detail předmětu

Typ předmětu:
Zařazení do semestru: 3.
Hodin přednášek/semestr: 28
Hodin cvičení/semestr: 14
Zkouška: písemná a ústní
Předpoklady:Micro and Macro Economics, English language
Popis, cíl a formy výuky:The aim of the course ids to supply a concise insight into the development, functioning and institutions of the EU Special attention is paid to the Common Agricultural Policy nd Structural Policy of the EU. The course is taght in co-operation with visiting lectures from another EU country. Lectures are combined with seminar discussions, using .ppt techniques and Internet. Students prepare individual essays to the given topics.

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Doporučená Literatura

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4Additional study materials are also available on Moodle