Seminář k DP

KEGarant předmětu: Ing. Bohuslava Boučková, CSc.

Detail předmětu

Typ předmětu:
Zařazení do semestru: 9.
Hodin přednášek/semestr: 28
Hodin cvičení/semestr: 14
Zkouška: písemná, ústní obhajoba projektu
Popis, cíl a formy výuky:The aim of the seminar is to support students in the diploma thesis writing including the language support. The theoretical part includes the basic methods of lworking with literature and other resources, methods and tools of data processing and presentation, structuring of a scientific thesis, its anaalusis and conclusion.
the practical pert consists of diploma thesis presentation methods, state examination procedure and important points including behaviour and language support.
Students will prepare and present at the seminars selected parts of their DTs, their performance will be analysed and evaluated.

Kmenová literatura

1How to Organize your Thesis, by John W. Chinneck, N.Y.Press, 2003
2How to Write Semester and Diploma Theses.
3Guirdham, M., Tyler, K. :Enterprise skills for students.BH, Oxford, 1992

Doporučená Literatura

1Guirdham, M., Tyler, K. :Enterprise skills for students.BH, Oxford, 1992